I'm a Computation & Neural Systems PhD student in Colin Camerer's lab at Caltech .

My research is in the field of Neuroeconomics - the intersection between Neuroscience, Psychology and Economics. I use financial decision making experiments and behavioral game theory for reverse-engineering the processes underlying human intuitive judgments.
By understanding how emotions and cognition interact to generate decisions, I seek to contribute economical prediction models that take into account the biological constraints of the decision process in the brain.

Prior to Caltech I completed my undergraduate and master's studies at the Electrical Engineering faculty of the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology . I specialized in Signal Processing, and conducted my thesis research under the joint supervision of professors Yonina Eldar , Gideon Inbar , Hillel Pratt and Menashe Zaaroor.

I am also interested in music processing, and was the head of the "AlgoRhythm" project, an audio-based musical search algorithm that was developed at the SIPL lab featuring the avant-garde musician Kutiman .